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Global Warming Skeptics - Skeptics of global warming think that global warming is not an ecological trouble.
Global Warming Facts - 8 Facts about Global Warming
Causes of Global Warming - The Green house gases are the main culprits of the global warming. The green house gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are playing hazards in the present times.
Green House Gasses are the ingredients of the atmosphere that add to the greenhouse effect.
Al Gore Global Warming Initiative - Gore has written a book that archives his advice that Earth is dashing toward an immensely warmer future.

Cars being powered by hydrogen have always been something that many presidents and environmentalists have discussed. Hydrogen cars have often been discussed, that that concept is really picking up steam. Supporters have always said that one day we will need to free from our dependence on oil, and hydrogen is the way to do this. While those whom don’t thing that hydrogen will work due to it being impractical argue that the energy and automakers are focusing on hydrogen fuel sources instead of looking to more practical sources of fuels for our cars.

Those affected by the hydrogen fuel argument include the transportation industry, which has concerns over the transport of hydrogen and the ability to generate and utilize the hydrogen fuel in a safe and environmentally friendly fashion.

Hydrogen is Abundant
Production of hydrogen has huge advantages over other fuels due to the abundance of the fuel. Luckily, hydrogen is so abundant that it can be found in many fossil fuels, in alcohols and hydrogen can even be found in water. Today, common ways of producing hydrogen include reforming natural gas (in which four hydrogen atoms are separated from a carbon atom) and electrolyzing water (which decouples two hydrogen atoms from an oxygen atom). The fact that hydrogen can be produced in so many ways means that, unlike petroleum, supplies of hydrogen can’t run out, nor will they be concentrated in one area of the world. They key to hydrogen production lies with the fact that it needs to be captured, hydrogen capture is more difficult that one may think.

Hydrogen Capture
Pure hydrogen is more difficult to find that impure hydrogen, making hydrogen capture a very difficult task. Hydrogen, due to the make-up of the gas at the atomic level, causes hydrogen to bond with other elements and creates many instances when impure hydrogen is all that can be found. In order for hydrogen to be a useable source of fuel, it must be detached or removed from other elements, and that takes energy. Finding the balance between hydrogen separation and the energy that hydrogen produces will be the key in making hydrogen an effective fuel source.

The hydrogen capture or hydrogen separation situation can be explained by understaind that through electrolysis, you can turn 1 kilogram of hydrogen by using water, this would require roughly 55 kWh of electricity from another source.

Using Hydrogen as a Fuel Source
You really must follow the source of energy that is used to detach hydrogen from other elements. This is where we can see whether hydrogen is a clean source of energy or not, often times around the world, coal power plants are used for energy, which is not a good idea. When you use coal power plants to generate the energy to make hydrogen you actually loose energy and the cleanliness of that production suffers.

It is very smart make hydrogen if the original energy comes from renewable sources, such as hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, or wind power.

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Global Warming Skeptics - What are they saying?
Global Warming Facts - How does it affect you?
The green house gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are playing hazards in the present times. These green house gases trap heat in earth’s atmosphere and thus result in increasing the temperature of earth. The excessive emission of these gases is one of the major Causes of Global Warming. The major source of carbon dioxide is the power plants. These power plants emit large amounts of carbon dioxide produced from burning of fossil fuels for the purpose of electricity generation.

There has been a considerable increase in the average temperature of earth in the past century. This rise in temperature is attributed to the effects of global warming brought about by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This phenomenon is called Global Warming. The effects of global warming are numerous. The main culprits in the issue are excessive discharge of green house gases in the atmosphere.